New Music | Fort Frances - I Had Love

Fort Frances

[A]s spring approaches, is here, or is finally springing we’re going to need the bright sunny music that shines a light on the day. The type of music that you’ll sing all day long, chair dance, or just blast in your car with the windows down. Let a little sunshine in today with Chicago’s Fort Frances 2nd single off their upcoming EP, Harbour, out later this month. “I Had Love,” mirrors this spring transition, with bright bouncy sunny melodies, and an ever growing sound throughout the song. Good luck not singing along with the gang choruses’.

“I Had Love” appears on Fort Frances’ upcoming EP Harbour, due out later this month. The band celebrates the release with a show at Schubas in Chicago on Sunday, May 5 with another Music Savage favorite, the Great American Canyon Band.  Tickets. Maybe if we beg really hard, they’ll end up here in Boston soon.