New Music | Fossil Collective - The Water

Fossil Collective

[W]e all have an affinity towards water. We vacation in cottages by it, swim in it, and basically need it to survive. Listening to the title track from Leeds duo Fossil Collective’s new EP The Water (out October 28th on Dirty Hit Records) makes you want to stop what you are doing and immediately head towards the shore. The song is a beautiful ode to nature and the peace and tranquility one finds when they escape city life to recharge the soul, even if for a brief moment. When you press play you’ll be lost in a swirl of horns, strings, and gorgeous harmonies as the guys paint a picture of nature in song as calming as the happy little pond in a Bob Ross painting. I guarantee you will listen to “The Water” more than once today.

Check out my previous posts on this wonderful band and be sure to pre-order the forthcoming EP on the band’s website.

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