New Music | Frontier Ruckus - Careening Catalog Immemorial

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[F]rontier Ruckus has a folk style altogether different from most any band. A straightforward, approachable feel, punctuated with whipsmart lyrics that seem to roll off frontman’s Matthew Milia’s tongue but what differentiates them is the delivery of the music. It’s got a slightly depressed almost “Fall all year round,” kind of feel, its the perfect slow day record for wrapping up by your record player with a hot cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your choice) and a full focused listen as the leaves outside drop, or the snow falls.  Their upcoming record, Eternity of Dimming, evokes all of these things, specifically on first single “Careening Catalog Immemorial,” a song that spiders through some of the most outrageously specific lyrics about the small materials and things that fill our lives, about the minutia, the small parts that most people might overlook, but Milia seems to have an obsession with.  Check out both the intimate cut from the album, as well as the 90’s carpool mix.

Look for  Eternity of Dimming, 1/29.

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