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Frontier Ruckus by Sean Cook

Frontier Ruckus – Dealerships

[G]etting closer to January 29th is getting us closer to the release of Frontier Ruckus’ next album, Eternity Dimming, the next album in the mythology of Matthew Milia and his rolling narrative and heavy lyrical songs. The single “Dealerships,” which refers to all sorts of physical and internal stations within the night landscape of Michigan winter. They deal out that chalky feeling of sterile frigidness, memory, and human pathos,” Milia explained. “The used car dealerships around the Silverdome, the Salvation Armies, the Catholic schools, the carports smoking with warming-up cars — they’re all the places that dole out that specifically warm dead-of-winter emotion inside of me, at quite the premium.”

It’s an album of triumphant “oh my gods,” & “how did he write this'” as Milia will delight and confuse you with his in depth and poetic lyricism that seems to bewilder me every time I try to wrap my head around it, another little layer exists. He has a way of creatively describing everything down to the very last grain of sand, and sing it in a way that is incredibly fluid sounding, its definitely something to behold, and something that drive you to repeat these songs again and again.