New Music | Girl Band - Lawman


[D]ublin boys Dara Kiely (vocals), Daniel Fox (bass), Alan Duggan (guitar), and Adam Faulkner (drums), are the masterminds behind Ireland’s newest punk rockers Girl Band and are currently responsible from bringing the country’s distinct brand of post-punk-noise-rock back to life. With such greats as Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, My Bloody Valentine, and The Boomtown Rats paving a sonorous path before them, the lads of Girl Band have a rich National history of sonic sounds to help guide them to new noisy heights.

Girl Band manages to take the styles and sounds of those that came before them and create their own unique mash-up of thick, grungy, static-rock that is perfect for fist-pumping the night away. To hear this for your own self check out the band’s new “anti”-single, “Lawman,” above and gather your mates around for a good old-fashioned mosh-pit (if you are at work this would be even more glorious). The track is just over 6 minutes of distorted guitar chords, head-banging drums, and scream/shout vocals that begs to be turned up to 11. Just be careful if you have headphones on as it may cause your face to explode.

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