New Music | Goodnight, Texas - Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine

[I]t’s no secret that I’m truly in love with the ramshackle sounds of folk music, the collaboration between San Francisco’s Avi Vinocur and North Carolina’s Patrick Dyer Wolf, aptly named Goodnight, Texas, the geographic midpoint between the two’s hometowns, who are creating a stylistic late nineteenth century folk music around the traditions of blue collar America.  Sans fluff, I’m really digging the sound they are putting together feels authentic, gritty, this Appalachian folk style was highly regarded last year when Southeast Engine released Canary, and this seems to be another similar project.

Check out the first single “Jesse Got Trapped In a Coal Mine,” a song brings the story of a young man trapped in a coal mine and doomed to die in the pitch black without ever getting to marry his fiancee. The dusty, mandolin driven track is morose, and quite sad, as the narrative of the track puts into reality the struggles and hardships of yesterday.

Look for Goodnight, Texas’ upcoming record A Long Life of Living October 2nd.