New Music | Gregory Alan Isakov - Liars

New Music | Gregory Alan Isakov - Liars

We have some beautiful new (though not really new) music to share with you all from Boulder, CO troubadour Gregory Alan Isakov that will just about make your day. The debut studio recording of the live fan favorite song, “Liars,” is the first single from his upcoming album Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony, out June 10th via the musician’s own label, Suitcase Town Music. It features songs from his three previous studio albums, all newly arraigned and re-imagined with the wonderful Colorado Symphony.

The orchestral work on “Liars” is otherworldly and adds new layers of sound and emotion to a song already filled to the brim with both. The song begins with gentle guitar strumming and Isakov’s haunting voice singing “You take the big one/I’ll take his brother/Let’s get this over with/Cause I’m late for work,” suggesting an ominous start to the day. With the crash of a cymbal the strings kick in and elevates the track into the sonic stratosphere.

I have this weird little rule with the songs I feature here on Music Savage. If a song is sent my way that is longer than four minutes it better be goddamn amazing or else I have to pretty much take a pass. Three minutes and fifty nine seconds tops is how I roll. There are exceptions sometimes of course.

Gregory Alan Isakov’s songs are the exception. “Liars” is goddamn amazing.

Pre-0rder Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony

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