New Music | Haley Bonar - No Sensitive Man


[M]inneapolis musician Haley Bonar is getting ready to release her fifth full length album, Last War, on May 20th via Graveface, and I am thrilled to share with you fine folks the first single, “No Sensitive Man.” This track is straight-up guitar rock, mixed beautifully with dance-rhythm drums, and the one-two punch of dreamy vocals that quickly turn ferocious, Kristin Hersh style. Bonar captures you with her ethereal charm and before you know it “No Sensitive Man” punches you square in the face, just like a good song should. When she states “Shut your eyes and play me something good/I don’t want to talk,” this would be the song I would turn on.

We’ll have more from Haley Bonar as the release date for Last War draws near. Until then enjoy “No Sensitive Man” with the speakers turned up to 11.

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