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Tales that I Tell

Los Angeles’ He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister is no ordinary folk band.  They have such a great eclectic sound, that ranges from psychedelic to jazz to country to swing.  Evidenced in track Tales that I tell, He’s My Brother She’s my Sister is one great sounding band.  They are currently touring with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and for good reason.  They’ve got a similar feel, and they seriously are putting out some fantastic music.

Their recently released EP, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister EP, is 7 songs that are all totally solid.  The sound varies, as previously mentioned, but its something in between 60’s hippy pop and western swing (does that make any sense?)  The band themselves appears like they’ve stepped out of a time machine from the British mod days, and into the great american west, full of sepia tones and free love, like mod hippies, with revolvers stuck in a spaghetti western.

I could not recommend this EP more, you’ve got to hear this, you should be convinced after listening to the two posted tracks.

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