New Music | Ivan & Alyosha - Running for Cover

[I]t seems as though there is boundless amounts of talent coming out of Seattle, and Ivan & Alyosha is one of those bands that exudes that statement. The duo who borrows their name from Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, are getting close to releasing their debut full-length album, All the Times We Had, on February 26th on Dualtone and are releasing this single “Running For Cover,”  a wonderful song that has a little of Dawes’ “When My Time Comes,” in its opening riffs and overall feel, which in my own opinion is a nice template for a track. It’s a powerful sounding track that lends itself well to gang harmonies, a heart-like beat, and a ramping intensity that creates a level of tension and excitement that is completely irresistible.

I’m really looking forward to hearing this record in full, and come 2/26 we should all be in love with this band by then.

Oh and check out this live version of the single as well: