New Music | Jeremy Lee Given - Arapaima

Jeremy Lee Given – Arapaima

Funny how things happen but last week I had been on an interview with Local Music 101 (podcast) and we were talking about local acts that I was excited about.  One of which I spoke of is Jeremy Lee Given, who is also a member of Boston band Rodeo Church.  Months ago Given had afforded me the opportunity to hear his fantastic solo album Old Flames; and soon after this conversation I had with Local Music 101, Jeremy came out of nowhere to give me his newest single, one that I’m probably going to listen to a few too many times (unpossible!)

Well for 1 dollar you can grab his newest single ‘Arapaima’ a sparkling gem of a track a seemingly letter from boy to girl song about a special girl named Arapaima.  The song jangles, pops and sways along and is a fun and warm pop song you can go back to again and again.

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