New Music | King Colour - Break The Ice


[A]ustralia’s King Colour have been sharpening their 60’s inspired, indie-pop style around the many rock clubs in their hometown of Sydney in 2013 and are looking to expand beyond New South Wales next year. Coming together in 2012, Liam Staples (Vocals/Guitars), Matt Digges (Guitars/Bass), Adrian Jaucian (Bass/Guitars), and Josh Pearson (Drums/Vocals), quickly became popular throughout the city for their killer live shows. The single, “Break The Ice,” is the band’s debut track and it’s perfectly poppy, charmingly cheesy, and instantly likeable. The fantastic accompanying video is a whole lot of fun to watch as well so press play above and enjoy.

“Break The Ice” will be released on December 23rd through The A&R Department.

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