New Music | Larcenist - Leon


Boston based band, Larcenist contacted me recently with a new EP titled, We Become the Hunted, a 5 song delight of the folk/americana influence with the caveat of “if you play it twice it’ll be a LP.” Well, I played it a few more times than that (a dozen or so) and I can say that this is some really gorgeous music being played here. Downtrodden songs about rustic surroundings and small town influences and blue collar people, with sweeping violin string accompaniments make these songs instantly likable and the perfect listen for a quiet gray day.

The track they’ve shared with you is Leon, which reminds me of Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros. A storytelling song about complications in blue collar life. Its got a warm guitar rhythm complimented by sweeping violin sounds and strong baritone vocals & group harmonies that create a rustic visual and aural feel.

Check out the rest of the EP here.

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