New Music | Life In Film - Get Closer

Life In Fim

London indie-rock quartet Life In Film will release their debut LP this Spring and to celebrate the accomplishment the band have released one of the catchiest damn singles I have heard in quite some time. “Get Closer” is classic Britpop at its finest! Packed to the brim with dance hooks, quick tempo beats, and melancholy lyrics masked by jangly guitars, it pays homage to that Cool Britannia sound of the UK in the early 90’s.

Life in Film are Samuel Fry (lead vocals, guitar), Edward Ibbotson (vocals, guitar), Dominic Sennett (vocals, bass), and Micky Osment (vocals, drums). The lads worked with legendary producer Stephen Street (Smiths, Blur, Morrissey, Kaiser Chiefs) on “Get Closer” and it’s easy to hear his influence in the track, and hard to stand still while listening.

Press play and see how long it takes before you are bouncing along to that boisterous British beat.

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