New Music | Monophona - Thumb


There is a certain type of music you hear in your dreams. The sound of moving between the shadows, unseen and stealthy. Luxembourg trio Monophona recreate that dreamy sound quite well, and the new single, “Thumb,” is a hypnotic blend of acoustic-folk/trip-hop, perfectly suited for subconscious adventures.

Band members Claudine Muno (vocals, guitars, keys), Jorsch Kass (drums), and DJ/Producer Philippe “Chook” Schirrer, joined musical forces in 2011 and Monophona released their debut album, The Spy, in 2012. Their forthcoming sophomore effort is titled, Black on Black, and will be released January 30th via German label Kapitän Platte.

Once you listen to “Thumb” you will undoubtedly want to know more about this band, and you will most certainly want to hear more of their music. Head on over to Monophona’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date on release info and tour dates.

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