New Music | Moondog Matinee - Put Me Right


Moondog Matinee hail from Reno. I don’t know much about Reno except for what I know from a Throw Rag song, but going by that metric, this feels just about right. It’s bluesy, singer Peter Barnato’s voice is so gravelly it sounds like he just ate a driveway, and “Put Me Right” is a song about things going wrong.

It starts out pretty subdued; then the horns and “hoo-hoo”s kick in at the chorus and you look up and you see your hands are in the air. I don’t know how it happens either! Things get a little funky farther in, so if you look down and you see your butt is shaking, don’t blame me.

Have yourself a quick little sweaty dance party to “Put Me Right” right now (it’s a sweaty party because it’s about 90,000 degrees out today, obviously – everything you do is going to be sweaty), and watch out for their album Carry Me, Rosie coming out August 25th!