New Music | Mornin' Old Sport - Katie

Mornin Old Sport – Katie

Mornin’ Old Sport is a group consisting of Berklee College of Music alums Kate Smeal (vocals, strings), Scott Nanos (guitar, bass, keys, strings), and Jeff Price (drums, production engineering) who started their band here in a Boston basement.  Pulling their name from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby, you get the sense they enjoy literature, and possibly history.  Then you listen to their music.

Those vintage sounds spill over on their track “Katie,” which sounds like it was pulled off a recording from about 80 years ago.  A time in America’s history that came before the war, a little ragtime, a little vaudevillian.  It’s catchy, spirited, and a little DIY sounding.

Look for their upcoming album out this summer.