New Music | Moulettes - Beheemooth/UnderWaterPainter

New Music | Moulettes - Beheemooth/UnderWaterPainter

We have a rocking new double A-side single to share with you from Brighton based collective Moulettes titled, “Beheemooth/UnderWaterPainter,” off of their upcoming album Preternatural, out May 27th. The two tracks are a musical wrecking ball to the senses, with each song delivering a blend of sounds that instantly grab a hold of your senses, shakes your body without mercy, and leaves you asking for another. You won’t mind, believe me.

Prenatural was produced by the band and is the their fourth studio album. I would love to try and label their style (hey that’s what we music writers do) but that proves to be a difficult task going through their eclectic back catalog. Known primarily as a chamber/folk band throughout the blogosphere you can hear the elements of prog, electronic, and rock n’ roll blended together to create a unique style that is very much all their own.

The five-piece ensemble consists of Hannah Miller (Cello, vocals, guitar), Ollie Austin (Drums, guitar, piano, vocals), Ruth Skipper (Bassoon, vocals, autoharp, synths), Jim Mortimore (Double bass, Guitar, vocals), and the newest member Raevennan Husbandes (Electric Guitar, Vocals, Percussion).

I am really excited about this album and can’t wait to hear more!

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