New Music | NEEDS - We Forgot the Records to Our Record Release Show


You’re probably thinking “We have literally 6 feet of snow outside and you want me to listen to a band from Canada??” But hold your horses. NEEDS are from Vancouver, my hometown, and I can tell you that we don’t actually all have pet polar bears there or commute via dogsled. They don’t even get snow every winter there! Now can you see why they are a good snow-banishing choice? And if there’s anything that can blast the snow off your roof, it’s loud, fast rock, which these gentlemen graciously provide. So, you can see why I’m writing about it. They are “my people” in at least two ways already.

But even if you are not always listening to bands who play fast and scream louder, this is hard to resist. First off, the title. Any evidence of smart-mouthery is a good sign in anyone, and in rock it’s no different. For that matter, bands admitting to screwups or – as the first lines of the song make clear – to not really knowing what they’re doing is not only charming, it’s refreshing. Did you not expect to hear “charming” and “refreshing” about a punk band?

Then, the song itself, interspersed with asides (I bet this works even better live) and oh-yeahs, switching speeds on us and keeping us on our toes – well. I am looking forward to the album, which comes out May 12th, in hopes of more of the same.

P.S., that thing they are standing in, in the picture? That’s called a parkade. Not a parking garage or a “parking ramp” (what?). Parkade. At least, that is its name among my people. You’re welcome for your BC lexical fact of the day.