New Music | Oscar - Sometimes

New Music | Oscar - Sometimes

London musician Oscar Scheller, Oscar for short, has been steadily releasing one critically acclaimed single after the other and finding his way through the crowded British music scene. We were sent the first single, “Sometimes,” from his highly anticipated debut album, Cut and Paste, and I’m super excited to be able to share this indie-pop gem of a song with you fine folks.

I was hooked the moment I pressed play and I’m positive you will be as well. Being a huge Britpop fan this song delivers everything one would want to hear from the genre. You want an infectious beat that makes you bounce around the office while your coworkers stare? You got it! You want male/female harmonies blended together beautifully while guitars and synth swirl around your head? You got that as well! I’ve been listening to “Sometimes” so many times I almost forgot to post this write-up today.

Scheller got his career going on the right foot in his West London home. His parents fronted the influential UK New Wave band The Regents and the influence it had on Oscar can certainly be heard in his music. How could you not want to become a musician when you are raised by rock n’ rollers in a rock n’ roll city?

Cut and Paste will be released May 13th on Wichita Recordings and Oscar will head to the US in March perform in Los Angeles at The Echo on March 9th and New York City at Baby’s All Right on March 21st. Here’s to hoping that a more extensive tour of the states is in the works.

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