New Music | Panic Island - We Start Fires

Panic Island

What starts out with sparks and then builds up, getting bigger and bigger until it’s about to get dangerously out of hand and people are hollering in a crowded theatre – fire, right? WRONG. This song. Well, and also fire.

Panic Island is from London and they love them some rock and roll. You can just hear the leather jackets through the speakers in “We Start Fires.” And what’s a little casual pyromania between friends? In fact, I think I ought to put this on the playlist for the backyard parties we’ll be having this summer where we break out the fire pit. It sounds like a great soundtrack to actually burning stuff – listen and try not envision bonfires.

The new Panic Island EP, “Cabin Fever,” comes out on May 18th. Buy it and run around your house (or work, or public street, I’m not here to judge) with your shirt pulled over your head yelling “FIRE! FIRE!” in a Cornholio voice.

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