New Music | Pony Time - Really Nice Guys


Let’s get one thing clear at the outset: this is not about “Nice Guys” in the sense of the awful dudes you know who expect something out of you because they are “nice” and not monsters, as if that was worthy of reward and not just a baseline of how human beings are supposed to act. Am I going to share a song with you that lionizes that type of guy? Of course not. This is about the people who, while they’re great to hang out with, happen to be in just… really unfortunate bands. We all know these people. Don’t be ashamed to agree. And, sure, it’s a dating metaphor; similarly, some people are totally nice and fun but you don’t want to date them (or, sometimes, they don’t want to date you). Again, no shame.

Pony Time’s Luke Beetham gets real fuzzy, reverb all over the bass and the vocals, but somehow that combines with Stacy Peck’s no-nonsense drumbeats for something surprisingly spare. How? I don’t know. But have a listen and see if I’m wrong. And despite the subject matter, it’s hard to think they aren’t having fun playing this song.

And then, if you thought that was 2 minutes well spent of your life, start thinking about picking up their new album, Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True, which will be out Sept. 11th. That’s right: we’ve got Fleetwood Mac references here. They describe themselves as being just like Fleetwood Mac, actually, except that the dramatic romances are replaced with Arby’s; I think you can have a pretty dramatic romance with Arby’s. Listen to this song, and soon, this album, while pondering the depth of your love for embarrassing fast food (Taco Bell, you’re still #1 in my heart).

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