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port isla

[A]nthemic folk music with a splash of Fleet Foxy goodness all wrapped into a tight package, and flown over the pond and straight into our ears. I’ve been loving the sounds I’ve been hearing from Port Isla, a Norwich, UK folk rock band that belts out the harmonies, punches you in the gut with their blend of piano based pop music intermixed with a folk rock sensibility, the result are stunning songs that will be on heavy rotation.

The boys of Port Isla are a four piece folk rock band, formed by Will Bloomfield with the help of fellow U.E.A. School of Musicians Stanley Spilman and Henry Kilmister and Will Olenski. They’ve been featured on 6music, and BBC introducing shows, played the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and released two studio recorded singles and are also currently in the final 8 of the Glastonbury emerging talent contest.

We can all hope to hear more from this great sounding band.