New Music | Prateek Kuhad - Flames


With 2014 in the rearview mirror it’s time for the folks here at Music Savage to start looking ahead at all the great new music standing by to make 2015 something special. One of the musicians with an album on the way has already set the bar pretty high in my opinion, and that is a singer-songwriter from India named Prateek Kuhad. For the last couple of years Prateek has been steadily making a name for himself as a stand-out artist on the independent music scene in India and I am so happy to be able to share the first single, “Flames,” from his forthcoming debut album In Tokens & Charms, out January 21st via Pagal Haina Records.

It’s easy to see why “Flames” was selected as the first track to share from the release. The song captures you from the very first listen, with beautiful layered harmonies and guitars that emphasize the delicately balanced emotion pouring through the speakers. It is a song meant to be heard in your head when you fall dizzily in unrequited love. To wear one’s heart on their sleeve is nothing new, but to do so with sincerity is the key. Prateek Kuhad has that key and people are beginning to take notice.

We will definitely post more music from In Tokens & Charms so stay tuned.

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