New Music | Raccoon Fighter - I'm So Proud

Raccoon Fighter

Yesterday, I instructed you to shake your butt. Today, Raccoon Fighter wants to countermand that order, saying “I don’t want you to shake it no more.” Well, when you listen to their new tune “I’m So Proud,” off their just-released EP Spiral Flag, I say to you: Good luck.

From the first second, you’re going to be, at the least, bobbing your head. Garage guitars with lots of jagged pauses, making me consider changing my air guitar routine in time for the Dark Horse competition (but I won’t, it’s in a week and that’s not enough time), and then distorted vocals kick in and – oh, look, see? You’re shaking it. Again. Just like they told you not to. Tsk tsk tsk.

Get more of this by picking up Spiral Flag right here!

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