New Music | Regina Spektor - Bleeding Heart

It’s been four long years since we have had new music from New York singer-songwriter Regina Spektor and the wait is finally over. Spektor’s upcoming album, Remember Us To Lifewill be released September 30th via Sire/Warner Bros. Records and we have the lead off single, “Bleeding Heart,” to share with you wonderful people.

In 2012 the musician welcomed her first child into the world, which is a very good reason for stepping away from recording and touring. She spent a good deal of time writing and finding inspiration during her time away from the spotlight and the joys of being a new mother, along with time to reconnect to her creative spark, helped pave the way for her seventh studio release.

The latest song is perfect Regina Spektor! Her longtime fans know what I mean here. Powerful lyrics dance around her signature playful piano playing and chord arrangements that shift suddenly into her go-for-broke frenetic refrain and back again with ease. Add drums set to mimic a beating heart, along with Casio style electronics, and you get a swirling new spin on a signature sound.

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