New Music | Sad Baby Wolf - 8th Level

Sad Baby Wolf – 8th Level
Sad Baby Wolf – Survival Guide

Sad Baby Wolf is a new project from ex Shins’ keyboardist Marty Crandall. Along with former member Neal Langford and some friends, Sad Baby Wolf was created. The first licks from these guys, is 8th Level and Survival Guide. Two tracks that shimmer in a semi-dreamlike (reverb drizzled) state which feels a little bit Shins but with a more rock focus. 8th Level, is at its core, is the rock-rooted foot stomper, and Survival Guide the more psychedelic slow burner. They display quite a bit of range and leave your appetite whet with desire.

It’s a great sounding single, and will be followed up with a debut full length sometime next year.