New Music | Saint Motel - At Least I Have Nothing

Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing

I’ve been loving this single from Saint Motel, but have had trouble putting words together. So bear with me here as I try to elucidate my enjoyment. Saint Motel has released this 7″ with this fantastic single titled “At Least I Have Nothing,” a synthy, pop / rock track that feels like its three dimensional. Synth rhythms relent to explosive guitars, heavy percussions, and extremely catchy almost gang chorus’. It’s damn fun for sure, and feels like it belongs partly in Tron. The core of the song seems to be dealing with problems of loneliness, “I’ll probably die here, probably will, I’ll say it again, I’ll scream it from hell, At least I have nothing” sings AJ Jackson. Its an interesting, morose concept exercised through a rock / synth soundscape that is both irresistible and heartbreaking.

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