New Music | Seryn - Paths


Nashville is where you want to be if you are in a band looking to break into the folk/country/indie genre, and the six members that make up Seryn heeded that Tennessean call by relocating from their hometown of Denton, TX to release their sophomore album, Shadow Shows, out now independently. This move doesn’t mean they have forgotten their roots. The new album was recorded at the renowned Redwood Studios located in Denton, but when the Music City beckons you answer.

There has been a few changes in the lineup (and a switch from being on a label to being an independent band) since the release of their debut LP, This Is Where We Are, in 2011, and now Trenton Wheeler (vocals/ukulele), Nathan Allen (vocals/guitar), Scarlett Deering (vocals/violin), Jenny Moscoso (vocals/banjo), Aaron Stoner (vocals/bass), and Jordan Rochefort (drums) are ready for the inevitable spotlight that is sure to shine brightly on these talented musicians.

I say inevitable because one listen to those sweet harmonies in the fantastic song, “Paths,” and you will be hard-pressed to find a reason as to why this band won’t soon be headlining at the Grand Ole Opry within the year. The song is a blend of richly layered instruments and powerful voices moving through your ears on the driving beat laid down by Rochefort. I swear he must have been a heavy metal drummer at one point in his life.

The chorus “On our own/carving out these paths/hoping that they last” acknowledges the choices and circumstances that have led Seryn to where they are now. If Nashville’s magic works its wonder (and I believe it will) the transplanted Texan’s path is clear and will take them to new heights.

Seryn will be stopping by our neck of the woods to bring a little southern hospitality to the Great Scott stage on Thursday, April 23rd. This will be your last chance to see them in such an intimate venue so get your tickets.

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