New Music | Shopping - In Other Words w/ b-side You Are A Sort (Don't Call Me)


I was recently lamenting with friends on the state of post-punk bands and specifically how the latest album from Wire, one of my all time favorite bands, didn’t really capture that distinct, gnarly tone which was so representative of the sound in the mid to late 70’s. Not that it’s a bad record in any way but perhaps it is no longer up to the bands that paved the way to keep the momentum up.

Shortly after this conversation I received an email about a debut album from a new London trio who go by the name Shopping and I knew that while the godfathers of post-punk started it all, it is now up to the younger generation to keep it alive and kicking. Consumer Complaints was self-released overseas last year under the band’s DIY label, MÏLK Records. The album received it’s US release via FatCat Records this week and it has taken the music blogosphere by storm.

I’m so excited about these three that not only did I have to share their lead single, “In Other Words,” with you all, I also had to accompany it with the track’s b-side,  ‘You Are A Sort (Don’t Call Me).” Both contain a fierce driving beat, pulsing base riffs, and guitars sharp enough to slice through a tin can while still being able to precisely chop vegetables razor thin.

Funky, melodic, and mesmerizing. I have played these tracks over and over again. I believe you all will do the same.

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