New Music | Side Saddle - Don't Wait for Him

Side Saddle

[N]ew York musician Ian McGuinness is set to release his debut EP under the moniker Side Saddle titled The Postcard, out March 25th on The Wild Honey Pie. The second single from said EP is the gloriously catchy track, “Don’t Wait for Him,”  and it is a heartfelt, jangly earworm that will most definitely run on repeat in your mind throughout the day. McGuinness flawlessly blends a contemporary folk sound with sharp pop-hooks, and indie dexterity, in his new Side Saddle project, and we here at Music Savage thought it best that you hear him sooner rather than later.

Check out the shimmery goodness of “Don’t Wait for Him” above and let it wash away the winter blues that have taken over. Remember, music makes everything better.

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