New Music | Swanky Tiger - Bad Operator

Swanky Tiger

How’s your Wednesday going? Kind of dull and chilly? This will help. NYC’s Swanky Tiger has a dirty glam sound that is anything but dull, and singer/guitarist Oliver Myles Mashburn’s sneering delivery is also the opposite of chilly. Seriously, there is something about that little trail-off at the end of a line… look, we’re all adults here, let’s just say it: it’s sexy.

When I was first listening to the song, I wrote myself a little note and it said “what we have here is TRASH in the best possible way.” I agree wholeheartedly with myself. This isn’t trashy in the sense of the guy having a loud personal argument on the bus, or in the sense of tracksuits and bad haircuts. That kind isn’t any fun. This is the fun kind: the kind that pops its gum in church, the kind that can always be counted on to have a flask somewhere about their person, the kind that you pick up at a bar and never find out their last name. Let’s pretend the gentlemen of Swanky Tiger didn’t meet at boarding school, because that is the opposite of what they sound like.

Get Swanky Tiger’s new album, Empires, and play it at your next party. And invite me.