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The Dead Girls

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I’ve got a special one for you today.

Today, The Dead Girls release Noisemaker, their last and final album, capping a 10-year run.

That’s pretty special. But better yet, and clearly a reason you should turn into a last-minute fan if you aren’t a fan already, each and every member of this band is a competitive air guitarist of some renown, including the 2013 World Champion, Mean Melin (Eric Melin), who sets down the air guitar to play the “there” drums. Rounding out the band are Air Jesus (JoJo Longbottom), Pork Sword (Cameron Hawk), and the man, the legend, Peter “Stiff” Dickens (Nick Colby). Kansas City is a powerhouse, you guys. Oh! Right, and also of non-air rocking. That is what we are talking about today. And they’re from Lawrence, KS, actually. It’s right next door, all right, I don’t need your sass mouth.

This is “What It Takes to Be Unseen” and it’s not about The Unseen. Instead, if you’ve ever been the person who tries to be invisible in a room because people noticing you risks being so much worse than being ignored is, you’ll know exactly what this song is about. Sometimes being unseen is the next best thing to disappearing altogether. It’s not the best feeling in the world to be living that life, and this song, I think, evinces a lot of sympathy for that state of mind.

Air guitar bonus: the Noisemaker album cover was designed by another air guitarist, 2013 US Champion Lt. Facemelter (Jason Farnan)! So you’re a convert now, right? To air guitar, I mean. I didn’t expect you’d need to read all the way through the post to be a Dead Girls fan.

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