New Music | The Duke of Norfolk - Thanatophobia

The Duke Of Norfolk BW

[T]ulsa, Oklahoma native Adam Howard records under the pen name the Duke of Norfolk, and has recently released an EP Le Monde Tourne Toujours, (translatedthe world is still running) a wonderful 5 track EP full of multi-layered folk music that puts on display his ability to craft music that evokes emotional response. “Thanatophobia,” the single off the EP grabs you from the tenderly plucked guitar strings, to the banjo layers, to the pounding heartbeat rhythms and the sweeping string assortments, the song may be focused on the fear of death, but it truly feels like an awakening of spirit, heeding the warning of waiting until it’s too late. It’s a powerful track, that nearly explodes at the denouement, and will most certainly be on heavy rotation over here.

Grab the EP on his bandcamp.