New Music | The Felice Brothers - Aerosol Ball

It’s Monday. It’s blah outside and inside here in New England as the weather tries to decide if we’re actually going to get a spring.

What gets you through an afternoon like this? Well, coffee will certainly help, but this new drop from The Felice Brothers will likely do just as much. The lovable troupe has just released the first single off their upcoming album Life In the Dark (pre-order here) and it’s every bit the accordion-squeezing, tambourine-whacking, foot-stomping joy you’d hope it would be.

Is it a bitter, crooked love song? A commentary on the commercialism that so defines our everyday being that we don’t even notice it unless someone calls it out? Is it complete gibberish, spit-balled while putting whiskey in their whiskey? At this point on Monday afternoon, I could care less, I’m just happy to have it to push me through.