New Music | The Silks - Live and Learn

Those lovable rock scoundrels The Silks are — thankfully — at it again.

A PVD-based southern-rock/blues/country band “that makes you want to go buy a Firebird and drive around with the T-tops off while pumping your fist in the air”(that’s right, I just quoted myself from 2.5 years ago,) The Silks have been making a name for themselves for the past few years by kicking ass and taking names everywhere from Somerville living rooms to The Fillmore.

And while nothing will ever compare to seeing these musical magicians in the flesh, we’re all going to have a new official album to rock out to soon enough.

Due out on 7/29, the self-produced “Turn Me On” is the follow-up to their Paul Westerberg-produced debut and let me tell you something, it does not disappoint.

To hold us over until the release (which you can pre-order right here,) give a look and listen to the video for their first single “Live and Learn” and then get out to a show pronto.

I’ll see you there.