New Music | We Were Promised Jetpacks - I Keep It Composed

We Were Promised Jetpacks

[E]verytime a new single is released from the forthcoming We Were Promised Jetpacks album, Unravelling, I scratch my head in amazement that the Scottish 5-piece are not yet filling up stadium sized arenas full of crazed fans. The latest track to be shared from the band’s third album is the surging “I Keep It Composed,” a bass-heavy, emotionally driven song, hell-bent on grabbing a hold of your head and not letting go. The addition of multi-instrumentalist Stuart McGachan has added an intensity of sound to an already energetic, and tightly composed, sonic machine. These guys are the real deal! You know it, I know it…eventually everyone else will too.

The new single “I Keep It Composed” will be released September 22nd via FatCat Records, with the new album following shortly thereafter.