New Music | White Arrows - Leave It Alone

White Arrows

[L]os Angeles psych-rock quintet White Arrows are putting the finishing touches on their sophomore album, In Bardo, which is set to be released sometime this Fall via Votiv. The band has only been on the scene for a few short years, releasing a 7″ titled Get Gone in 2011, followed by their debut LP, Dry Land Is Not A Myth, in 2012. Known for bringing a sensory-blitzing live show to every stage they hit, White Arrows have made a name for themselves opening for Cults, Naked and Famous, and Weezer. The guys will begin a tour with The Neighborhood this summer, and while there are no stops in Boston, I’ll let it slide as I’m sure  we’ll see them come back our way as headliners fairly soon.

Check out the excellent new single, “Leave It Alone,” from their forthcoming album, In Bardo, and be sure to have your speakers turned up nice and loud. You get everything you need from a song in just over 3 minutes. Tempo changes that knock you down, Dance-tastic hooks that get you back up, guitars set to super-fuzz, and synth straight from outer space. Really good stuff!

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