New Music | Wolf Larsen - Quiet at the Kitchen Door

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[T]here are times when this music writer receives an album that knocks him senseless on the very first listen and Wolf Larsen’s debut Quiet at the Kitchen Door is a knock out blow. Released this past May, the hauntingly beautiful collection of songs plays like a quiet confession of personal struggle and hope that immediately grabs a hold and refuses to let go, making you go right back into the ring for another round.

Sarah Ramsey took on the alter ego Wolf Larsen after a hard fought battle with an undisclosed illness and Quiet at the Kitchen Door is the victorious celebration of her ordeal. On every track, from the blissful opener “Kitchen Door” to the live recording of “Wild Things,” Ramsey warmly invites the listener in on her secrets, as if to remind us that in the end everything will be fine if one just lets their guard down every so often.

Take a listen to the Quiet at the Kitchen Door in its entirety and be prepared for the ensuing flow of emotion about to come over you in 3…2….1.