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If you haven’t already heard of I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now and go check it out.

The site, which provides drink recommendations based on the music you’re listening to, launched as part of Music Hack Day Boston, an event to bring together developers, designers and people with awesome ideas to build “cool stuff” in limited amounts of time. Essentially, Drinkify was created in just “24 boozy hours.”

The masterminds behind Drinkify, Matthew Ogle with the development, Hannah Donovan on the design and Lindsay Eyink with the data, were hungover heading into the event and were itching to create a hack that would help them kick their hangovers.

Some of the drinks are spot on: The Willie Nelson is 8 oz. Maker’s Mark Bourbon, served neat. And The Sufjan Stevens is 1 bottle organic red wine served at room temperature. The Slayer is 8 oz. of blood plus 8 oz. of wheatgrass juice, combined in a shaker and strained into cocktail glass.

Basically, the alcohol recommended for each drink correlates with keywords used to describe the music, specifically the genre and sub-genre. The tempo of the

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artist’s top tracks determine some of the ways in which the cocktail should be prepared. If most of the artist’s music is up tempo, Drinkify will recommend that you ‘stir quickly.’

I asked the creators, specifically Matthew Ogle a few questions over email about the idea. “It’s been really cool to watch musicians enjoy playing with it — either because their drink is spot on… or absolutely terrible,” Ogle responded in an email.

Amongst the cocktails not recommended? The Feist which is 8 oz. of Microbrew, 8 oz. of Tobasco sauce and 10 oz. of cream. And The Otis Redding isn’t much better: 8 oz. Hennesy, 8 oz. Tobasco sauce

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and 6 oz. cough syrup.