Magic Kids' new album Memphis is a lot of fun.


Magic Kids’ new album Memphis is out today, and if you’ve been keeping up here, you may have noticed I’ve really been enjoying the tracks they have released from this album.  What’s upsetting is that the release seems to have been better to coincide with the beginning of summer rather than the end.  But as we nearly reach September, this might just be what you need to keep the summer going for a few more weeks.

The aforementioned, Phone, screams 60’s infused pop with a huge amount of Herman’s Hermits in it… see: Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good.  Let me clarify, this is not a bad thing.  Its fresh and totally fun.

Other standouts from Memphis: Hey Boy, and Summer both of which expose this fun 60s pop with sweeping orchestral flourishes that complement perfectly.

When you are done enjoying these three songs, buy their album, Memphis.