Newport Folk Festival '17 Tickets on Sale

Newport Folk Festival '17 Tickets on Sale

Our favorite festival (by far) is about to sell their 2017 stock tomorrow and I feel like it’s my duty to impress upon the fact that if you haven’t gone, or you are thinking about it this year that I can unequivocally say it will be worth it whether you know the lineup or not.

Every single year we return to the fort to join our summer music family at the hallowed grounds of Fort Adams. It’s a place and a festival like no other, it is near and dear to our heart and we want to make sure that everyone that wants to make it to the fort does so.

Consider this your reminder that weekend passes go on sale tomorrow at 10AM EST tomorrow, and don’t forget they are offering a payment plan for the tickets.

Please do the right thing and join us at the festival.

Just in case you are forgetful, we created a calendar event to remind you to buy tickets (with a couple of reminders).

Grab the tickets here

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