#OnYourSide: Support Your Favorite Artists Directly

#OnYourSide: Support Your Favorite Artists Directly

The idea is simple: If you find yourself listening to an artist’s music to help you through your day, send them money directly to help them through their day.

We’ve created this page as a repository of musicians’ Venmo and PayPal accounts so you can easily find a way to help them out. (If you’re looking for listings of livestreams, try Billboard, BandsInTown, Vimeo LiveStream, or Jambase… just to name a few!)

Send a dollar because it really felt good to crank that tune. Five bucks because they made you feel happy or feel less isolated for an hour. Whatever you choose to give, do it directly to the artist (like you would at a merch table) instead of relying on a music service.

Due to the Covid-19, so many things have changed, it’s pretty mind boggling. We’re all WFH until further notice. We home school our kids. We video chat with friends and family to try and cling to some sense of normalcy.

Unfortunately, for a majority of the music world, there is no normalcy. In fact, things may be pretty dire. With tours being cancelled across the world, artists are not only losing out on an opportunity to bring their music to the public in person, they’re losing out on what is likely the most lucrative part of their careers.

As we sit in our homes using our favorite musicians’ art to help us through these unprecedented times, the Music Savage gang thought it would be a good idea to create a place we could go to easily find a way to help support the musicians who are helping to support us in these trying times.

If you’re an artist who’d like to have their information listed here, please email us, send us a direct message (Twitter / Instagram / Facebook), comment on this post or simply reply to a post about this with your info and we’ll add it to the list.

Aaron Lee TasjanAaron-Tasjan
Alec HutsonAlec-Hutson
Andrew CombsAndrew-Combs-1
Arc Iriszachtenoriomiller
Aubrey HaddardAubreyHaddard
Ballroom ThievesBallroomThieves
Big John ShortBigJohnShortbigjohnshort@paypal.com
Billy WylderAvi-SallowayPayPal.me
Caroline RoseCaroline-Rose-4
Chadley Kolbchadley-kolbChadleyKolbMusic@gmail.com
Charles EllsworthPayPal.me
Christopher Paul StellingChristopherPS
Courtney Marie AndrewsCourtney-Andrews-2
DJ Ryan BrownDJRyanBrown
J Roddy WalstonJRoddyWalston
Jen KearneyJen-Kearney-1jen@jenkearney.com
Joe PugTheJoePugnationofheat@gmail.com
Julie RhodesJulieRhodesPayPal.me
Margaret GlaspyMargaret-Glaspy
Matt SucichMatt-SucichPayPal.me
Matt The ElectricianMatthew-Sever-1mte@matttheelectrician.com
Richard WilsonPayPal.me
Sam WoolfPayPal
Sarah Shookss@disarmers.com
Tyler James KellyTyler-James-Kelly
Zach SchmidtZachSchmidtMusic