Photos | Alan Doyle + Donovan Woods @ The Sinclair

Photos | Alan Doyle + Donovan Woods @ The Sinclair

There aren’t many things that are guaranteed in today’s world, but having a good time at an Alan Doyle show is one thing you can count on.

This past Thursday night, Mr. Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies graced the stage of one of the best venues in the region when they took the stage at The Sinclair in the heart of Harvard Square. Opening with a solo and a toast, Alan proceeded to work his way through a set covering his solo material and a handful of classics (I think we can call the that now) from the Great Big Sea catalog. Flanked on all sides by fantastically talented musicians (including former bandmate Murray Foster,) The Gypsies had every person in attendance waltzing, stomping, ranting and roaring through to the last note—leaving both the audience and Doyle himself ready to reconvene at the pub afterwards.

We should make a habit of this one, me thinks.

Opening the evening was Canadian-by-way-of-Nashville singer-songwriter (that’s a lot of hypens,) Donovan Woods. Woods, who was recently nominated for Songwriter of the Year by the Juno Awards alongside legends Leonard Cohen and Gorde Downey (NBD,) captivated the crowd not only with charm, but also with fantastically crafted stories and musicianship. It felt to me like this won’t be a last time Donovan takes the stage at the Sinclair. At least I hope it won’t be.

Do yourself a favor and get out and catch either of these acts if they’re in your area. Oh, and be sure to stretch your laughing muscles, steel your liver and bring your dancing shoes.