Photos | Beach House + Dustin Wong (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin

[T]hunder is grand, but sometimes its unnecessary for affecting music. Sometimes all you need to make a mark is a pretty voice, a clean guitar line, and a soothing melody. Beach House have always taken this formula and used it like a weapon of love on their army of appreciators. Not that you should blame a Beach House fan; they know what’s up. It would be hard to trust someone that didn’t feel entranced by Teen Dream (and [whisper voice] certain parts of Bloom). Their music makes you feel lost among the willows on a warm summer night after a long bout of catching fireflies. Or something whimsical like that.

Live, their music is a near replica of their studio sound; just with some more oomph from the sound system. Assuming you’re not packing a $1K+ level system at home, this is where you should see them – in a club, on a night where you just feel like being mellow. Their show won’t get your motor revved for the times after the encore, but it will act like a muscle relaxer slowly taking effect over the course of an hour and half. And you know how good those feel…sinner.

Bottom line: if you like their records, and don’t mind a lack of tinkering, you’re going to leave happy and content.

Also, if you get a chance, check out Dustin Wong live. He builds these intricate, symphonic concoctions off of a series of well-timed loops. Or just wait for awhile, and turn on your new favorite indie film and pay attention to the scene where the hero is finding him or herself, and enjoying what he/she finds. A lot. That’s what his music sounds like, all of the time.

Pics from each act’s Roseland Theater set in Portland, OR live in a place called after the jump…