Photos | Brent Cobb + Ben Chapman @ The Sinclair

Photos | Brent Cobb + Ben Chapman @ The Sinclair

Monday night shows in Boston aren’t always the best attended affairs, but under the roof of The Sinclair this past Monday, Brent Cobb and his stellar band mates—along with killer opener Ben Chapman—saw fit to fight back against that narrative as they took the crowd on a musical sojourn through the heart of the South. Cobb, a Georgia native, turned the stage into a Southern sanctuary. With a voice as rich as the red clay of his homeland, he delved into the soulful depths of country blues and touched upon the raucous spirit of Southern rock all with a touch of southern charm that makes a person take note here in the Northeast.

The night was anchored by Cobb’s sterling band, anchored by Matt McDaniel’s guitar work which was not just heard, but felt. And while it was hard to look away from the bearded virtuoso, the rest of the band—Len Clark (drums), Josh Williams (bass) and Jimmy Rowland (keys)—put on a show in their own right, perfectly adding to the mixture. They breathed life into “Livin’ the Dream”, a number that felt like an anthem for the contented heart, and closed with the tender “Patina”, a testament to love’s enduring sheen.

Meanwhile, Ben Chapman stood as the ideal herald to Cobb’s performance. Solo and acoustic, he conquered his admitted nerves to deliver a set that was as gritty as the Georgia clay. His blues-rock soaked set included a stirring rendition of “Stuck in The Middle With You”, which ultimately brought the house together and set the stage perfectly for Cobb’s killer set.

If you’re lucky enough to get a chance to catch some part of the rest of this tour, we would highly suggest you do just that.

?: Steve Benoit of Boston Concert Photography