Photos | Caroline Rose + Henry Jamison @ Great Scott

Photos | Caroline Rose + Henry Jamison @ Great Scott

Few things can draw people together in the way that an off-the-chain musical performance can. And that, my friends, is precisely what Caroline Rose and her cohorts are delivering on a nightly basis: an insanely entertaining, diverse, high-energy eargasm of a show.

Touring behind her latest release (and Music Savage #AOTY nominee,) LONER, Rose and her band of merry mischief makers (including a handless Elmo and Chelsea the faceless, animatronic cat) are ripping up sold out shows across this great land of ours. The sold out show at Great Scott was no exception. Working their way through almost the whole LONER album—each track apparently Caroline’s personal favorite—and even a Britney Spears cover, the red-and-blue clad quartet held audience members in the palm of their hand from the first drop. It was one of those shows that showcases people of all ages rocking out and grinning like fools from open to close.

Take it from the entire MS crew when we say:

Get. Out. To. This. Tour.
You will not be disappointed.

The evening’s opener, Vermont singer-songwriter Henry Jamison, laid the perfect groundwork for Rose by brining songs from his debut EP, The Wilds, to the masses. There’s no doubt that the combination of Jamison’s songcraft and wit will have him selling out his own shows soon, so catch him opening for one of your favorites while you still can.