Photos | Colter Wall + The Local Honeys @ Atwood's

Photos | Colter Wall + The Local Honeys @ Atwood's

You know those shows you put on your calendar six months before they actually happen?

Sunday night at Atwood’s was one of those for me.

Colter Wall book-ended this past weekend at Atwood’s Tavern with his Speedy Creek Band and the ever-charming Local Honeys. If you weren’t able to catch either one of the shows (or the matinee set by the Honeys on Sunday,) it’s likely safe to say you planned poorly.

Don’t let it happen again.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Colter Wall is the 22-year old Canadian country/folk artist who—in a very short time—has drawn (deserved) comparisons to the likes of Cash, Kristofferson, and Jennings. Now, if you’re a fan of any of those folks, or of traditional country, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

Touring on behind his Dave Cobb produced, self-titled debut, Wall and his band wasted no time proving that buying a ticket in advance was no mistake. Working their way through original material from his LP, some tunes from his EP Imaginary Appalachia and a few covers, they made quick work of converting any would-be doubters into true believers. Somehow, possibly due to his older-than-his-age demeanor, even playing with a busted string seemed to be note perfect.

Colter also teased an upcoming new release (“Whenever that happens.”) by playing a couple of new songs he’s been working on.

One of those viewable right here:

Of course, to make it a perfect night, you’ve usually got to have a stellar opening band. The Local Honeys fit that bill perfectly on this stormy Sunday night.

It’s probably safe to say that the Kentucky-based duo of Montana Hobbs and Linda Jean Stokely rarely encounter a crowd that they can’t win over with their combination of sheer talent and southern charm. Raising a glass of Woodford Reserve with the crowd probably didn’t hurt either.

After shaking off the cold, damp weather outside, The Honeys brought a little bit of Appalachia right to the heart of Cambridge. After a set highlighted by performances of “Cigarette Trees“(a winner of MerleFest’s highly regarded Chris Austin Songwriting Contest) and the title track of their debut LP “Little Girls Actin’ Like Men” there’s little doubt that I’ll be putting their next show on my calendar six months in advance as well.