Photos | Darlingside + Field Guide @ The Sinclair

Photos | Darlingside + Field Guide @ The Sinclair

From the moment Darlingside took the stage at The Sinclair in Harvard Square, it was clear that this wasn’t just a concert; it was a holiday homecoming to be remembered. The renowned folk quartet-turned-sextet, known for their seamless harmonies and string-driven melodies, delivered an unforgettable performance—both from the stage and in-the-round from the middle of the audience, which will not soon be forgotten by anyone lucky enough to be in attendance.

Darlingside, true to their reputation, was nothing short of magical. Even with new touring band members Molly Parden (bass, vocals), Ben Burns (drums, guitar), and Deni Hlavinka (keys, vocals), the local favorites floated seamlessly and with the precision of a watchmaker through older treasures and new favorites off their latest release Everything is Alive. The crowd was even lucky enough to bare witness to David Senft—who last year announced that he would no longer be touring or performing live with the band—joining the full band on the floor to add his harmonies to the mix. Quite the holiday gift!

Opening the evening, Field Guide (AKA: Dylan MacDonald) set the stage with his introspective lyrics and captivating and unique sound. MacDonald’s emotive and inviting voice (and personality) was a perfect prelude to the headliners, leaving the audience perfectly primed for the main event.

Check out images of the evening below and be sure to catch both of these artists on a stage near you!

Photos: Boston Concert Photography