Photos | Efterklang + Nightlands @ Doug Fir (PDX)


Photos by Colin McLaughlin

[O]n a night where I had to make myself go out, Efterklang impressed. It takes quite a bit of skill to turn someone’s whole mood around, but that’s exactly what Efterklang did with their slightly operatic and frequently creative arrangements. Maybe the lush instrumentation and gorgeous harmonies that guide “The Klang” — as Dave Hartley (of Nightlands) jokingly called them — is sourced from the same stuff that makes them such thoughtful crowd pleasers. Or maybe indie rock doesn’t give us many opportunities to see bands let down their hair and show how much fun they are having. It was easy to go all in on this night. These Danes were good, and definitely deserve the bigger crowds they are blessed with back home. Let’s make sure they get those type of numbers for the rest of the tour.

Check out pictures from Efterklang and Nightlands’ Portland show at the Doug Fir below.